Native apps vs Hybrid apps

The cost of building a mobile solution is partially tied to how you build the app. The app can actually be built as a native, hybrid or an internet app. What does that mean?

Native App
A native app is one that’s installed directly onto the smartphone and will work with no internet connectivity. The native app can work much faster by using the facility of the processor and can access specific hardware like GPS.

Smart access like  Mobile Shaking, Fingerprint processing are can be used. Native apps also can interact with all of the device’s OS features, like the microphone, contacts lists, etc. However, a much bigger budget is required if you would like to create your app for multiple platforms (i.e. iPhones and Android) and to stay your native app updated.

With native apps, you’ll get to replicate every new feature you would like to introduce for every platform. which suggests upgrading is going to be very costly.

Hybrid App
Hybrid apps are part native apps, part web apps. Like native apps, they are available in an app store and can use in some device features available. Hybrid apps are typically easier and faster to develop than native apps. They also require less maintenance.

On the opposite hand, the speed of your hybrid app will depend completely on the speed of the user’s browser. This suggests hybrid apps will almost never run as fast as a native app runs.

The advantage of hybrid apps is that you simply can build them on one base, which allows you to feature new functionalities to multiple versions of your app. So new updates and corrections are going to be not costly compared to the native app.

How to chose?
In order to form the proper choice, it’s important to know the differences of every option then you’re heading within the right direction. Native and hybrid applications each have their own strengths and weaknesses, and your final judgment will depend almost entirely on your startup’s needs and Investment.

After considering your options, it’s important to figure with app developers which will bring your idea to life efficiently and cost-effectively.

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